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Barbara Geinoz-Biazzi

Barbara Geinoz-Biazzi is a Physician who in parallel has worked in hospitals, private practice and schools. She is the president of Biazzi SA, an engineering company making projects and plants for the chemical industry, which was incorporated by her father more than 80 years ago. She is married and has three children and four grandchildren.

Giorgio Mosconi
Non-executive Director

Giorgio Mosconi joined Dipharma SA Board in 2016. Giorgio has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in many senior positions, the last one being senior vice president and scientific director in Gentium GmbH (currently owned by Jazz).

Marc-Olivier Geinoz
Chief Executive Officer

Marc-Olivier Geinoz is the founder of Dipharma SA, incorporated in 2014. From 2005 until 2019, he was CEO of Dipharma Francis Srl, an API manufacturer with sales of circa $125M in over 50 countries. Prior to that, he held senior roles within companies belonging to the Schindler Group and was the founder of an IT services company. He holds a M.B.A., is married and has two children.

Gerd Grebing
Germany Chief Executive Officer

Gerd joined Dipharma SA German subsidiary in 2019. Gerd has more than 15-years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially within the Orphan Drug Business, as well as start-up´s. Gerd holds a Degree as intensive care nurse and is a certified pharmaceutical representative.

  • I am well organized, friendly , and love to work in a Team
  • During my vacation I like to go sailing, and I’m interested in all kinds of Computer Technology
  • I am proud of DSA because it develops high quality generic drugs for patients with rare diseases
Fabio Cannata
Chief Business Development Officer

From 2012 to 2014, Fabio has been BD and investor relations manager in a publicly traded start-up biotechnology company, managing the development of oncology products and gene therapies for rare diseases. Prior to that, he held different roles as a scientist, and as a strategic consultant for an internationally known consulting firm. He holds a M.B.A., is married and has two children.

  • I am optimistic, curious, happy
  • I love cracking logic puzzles
  • I am proud of DSA because every day we are one step closer to our vision
Wolfgang Meixner
Director of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance

Wolfgang joined Dipharma SA in 2019. Wolfgang has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in several senior positions in Operations, Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and Project Management. He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and Chemistry, is married and has two children.

  • I am sincere, supportive, interested in human values
  • I love to learn and achieve new competences
  • I am proud of DSA because you can see the direct impact and result of your efforts and work.
Mario Cacciatore
Chief Financial Officer

Mario graduated at University of Turin in Economics and has more than 35-years’ experience in finance, accounting, controlling and M&A in various industries (pharma, automotive, retail, telco). Since 2016, he is also CFO of Dipharma Francis Srl and prior to that he held senior roles within different companies (public and private). He is married and has one daughter.

  • I am energetic, solid, multitasking
  • I love to face new challenges
  • I am proud of DSA because I am part of an unbelievable success history
Angela Tanieli Ottavi
Assistant to the CEO, Office & HR Manager

Before joining Dipharma SA, Angela worked for more than 20 years in the Swiss banking sector in Zurich and Ticino. She has covered roles of growing responsibilities up to Investment Manager and Deputy Director. She has a proven track record of deliverable in finance and asset management.

  • I am expansive, volcanic, resilient.
  • I love helping others through my abilities and peculiarities, even outside the work contest
  • I am proud of DSA because we improve drugs for a patient population too often left aside.
Silvia Armaroli
Project Manager

Silvia holds a Degree in Organic Chemistry from the Alma Mater University in Bologna, and post-graduate diplomas in Drug Design and Synthesis, as well as in Formulation, Pharmaceutical development and Drug control. Prior to joining Dipharma SA, she worked for 10 years at Sigma-Tau (now Alfasigma)

  • I am emphatic, rapid, curious
  • I love to work in team, challenge scientific issue and solve technical problems
  • I am proud of DSA because we are a very collaborative team, that faces challenges with a smile
Valentina Vajani
Quality Assurance Manager

Valentina graduated at University of Milan in Industrial Biotechnology and has a 10-years experience in the field of both generics and brand-name finished drugs. Valentina works with other staff to establish procedures and quality standards to monitor those against agreed targets. She is responsible for maintaining the Company Quality System in compliance with GMP and GDP.

  • I am a “life enthusiast”, keen observer, positive thinker
  • I love travelling, doing and watching sports and yes, I love shopping!
  • I am Proud of DSA because we pack products for very special patients who need us to be able to live a normal life.
Fabiana Baccarini
Quality Assurance Associate

Fabiana holds a Degree in Industrial Biotechnology from University of Milano Bicocca. Before joining Dipharma SA, she worked for 2 years in the production department of a pharmaceutical company in Milan. She works to ensure the Company Quality System in compliance with GMP and GDP.

  • I am a team-worker, trustworthy and passionate
  • I love to wake up in the morning knowing that I am going to do a useful job for the community
  • I am proud of DSA because it produces drugs that save patients’ life
Paolo Fratelli
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Paolo holds a Degree in Chemistry from University of Pavia and a Master in General Management from the University of Insubria. Before joining Dipharma SA, Paolo has worked in the CMC/Regulatory Affairs department at Pfizer Italia and in the Regulatory Affairs Department of Ginsana SA.

  • I am accurate, enthusiast, collaborative
  • I love to see the world motorcycling
  • I am proud of DSA because our products help and care.
Daniele Sterrantino
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Daniele holds a Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from the University of Catania. Before joining Dipharma SA, he worked 10 years in Regulatory Affairs in Italian affiliates and manufacturing sites of multinational pharma companies, as well as pharma firms based in Ticino, Switzerland.

  • I am hard-worker, out of the box thinker, friendly
  • I love to help others
  • I am proud of DSA because I can express my potential
Maria Grazia Santacaterina
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Maria Grazia holds a Degree Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from University of Ferrara and a Post-graduate Program from ISTUD Business School of Milan. Before joining Dipharma SA, she worked 5 years in Regulatory Affairs department in a API manufacturing site and then in Italian affiliates of multinational pharma companies.

  • I am passionate, observer and careful
  • I love to feel useful doing a job that helps others
  • I am proud of DSA because everyone’s contribution is appreciated
Gilles Pain
Intellectual Property Manager

Gilles holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Châtenay-Malabry. Gilles has worked as Medicinal Chemistry Group Leader in pharmaceutical research companies in Italy and UK. Prior to joining Dipharma SA, he built a solid experience as patent counsel within Sigma-Tau (now Alfasigma) for 8 years. He is married and has two children.

  • I am generous, sociable, empathetic
  • I Love to draft and defend patent applications and also to analyse third party IP to enable Dipharma SA to operate safely.
  • I am Proud of DSA which within few years from its inauguration is already present in many international markets providing accessible treatments to patients meanwhile minimizing the expense of the various health organizations.
Paolo Privitera
Product Manager

Paolo holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Milan. Before joining Dipharma SA, he worked in both Italian and multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Zambon Group and AbbVie. He has a 5-year experience in prescription drugs Product Management in different therapeutic areas like rheumatology, CNS and infectiology.

  • I am determined, forward thinker, sensitive
  • I love reading and doing sports, exceeding my limits
  • I am proud of DSA because it makes affordable to everyone life-saving drugs
Marco Sartori
Accountant & Supply Chain

Marco is graduated in Economics at the Insubria University, Varese. Before joining Dipharma SA he worked 5 years as accountant in an international company in Switzerland. Besides the accounting skills, he built a wide experience on international trading activities and logistics.

  • I am proactive, dedicated, supportive
  • I love to develop new skills
  • I am proud of DSA because we always do our best to satisfy our clients demands