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  • DPH-01 (Diterin®) Sapropterin Dihydrochloride Tablets 100 mg #phenylketonuria
  • DPH-02 Miglustat Capsules 100 mg #gaucher-disease
  • DPH-03 (Disanit®) Nitisinone Capsules 2, 5, 10 mg #hereditary-tyrosinemia-type-1
  • DPH-04 Carglumic acid Tablets 200 mg #urea-cycle-disorders
  • DPH-05 Na phenylacetate / Na benzoate 10%/10% solution for infusion #urea-cycle-disorders
  • DPH-06 Innovative
  • DPH-07,08 Drug Repurposing
  • DPH-09 Betaine anhydrous powder #homocystinuria
  • DPH-10 Zinc acetate capsules 25, 50 mg #wilson-disease
  • DPH-11 Tocopherol 50 mg/ml oral solution #hereditary-cholestasis


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